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Where to find travel inspiration?

    Many of us dream of starting to travel. Not only on tours with an office, but also on our own, by car, by airline, by train. Overcoming a completely natural fear is one thing, but something completely different is to be inspired to visit specific corners of the world, or just Poland for a start. Where to look for such inspiration?

    Travel blogs

    In the age of the Internet, it is worth starting with blogs, where you can often come across inspiring travel accounts, fantastic photos and interesting facts unavailable in ordinary guidebooks. In Poland, we have at least a few very good blogs, many of which have turned into video blogs on YouTube – videos are also an interesting source of inspiration.

    Travel bargain portals

    Such portals inspire travel mainly through the prism of the wallet. When we see a great bargain on airline tickets about Indonesia, for example, we start to consider this destination even if we had not considered it at all before. Such opportunities can inspire us to broaden our horizons.

    Travel agency catalogues

    Although you will only find offers tailored by travel agencies, you can often come across really inspiring themes in such catalogues – for example, descriptions of package tours or short presentations of attractive destinations. This is a good option for novice travellers, who can simply copy the bureau’s plan and implement it on their own.


    This is a very deep source of travel inspiration, as long as you like to admire what happens behind the characters’ backs. For example the film “Eat, Pray, Love.” with Julia Roberts is a ready-made inspiration to visit Italy, India and, above all, the island of Bali. The sensational series “Narcos”, on the other hand, may paradoxically inspire many viewers to plan a trip to Colombia.


    An endless source of inspiration that was a staple for travellers just a few decades ago. Today, it is still worth reaching for books and looking for colourful descriptions of the world and people in them. Not just strictly travel books, but also, for example, reportage books.

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