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What souvenirs are worth bringing back from holidays abroad?

    Most tourists cannot imagine returning from a trip abroad without a souvenir. It is no coincidence that in practically every corner of the world, you can find stalls selling various trinkets intended to evoke memories of a dream holiday. However, it must be stressed that most of these products are rubbish, mainly from China. There are much better ideas for souvenirs of foreign holidays, and we share some of them with you in our guide.

    Local alcohol

    Even if you don’t drink alcohol, it’s still worth thinking about bringing it back from your foreign holiday – necessarily local, preferably homemade, in a beautiful bottle or decanter. It’s a keepsake that will look great in a bar or on a chest of drawers, and you can also give it to your friends who come to hear about your dream holiday. Remember to keep your bottle of alcohol well protected for when you get home – especially if you are flying.

    Food products

    Again, with emphasis on the local ones. One of the most important reasons to travel the world is to experience different flavours. If the local cuisine is particularly to your liking, there’s nothing stopping you from taking its specialities home and having a great souvenir. These can be all sorts of hermetically sealed or dried products, but also spices.

    Handmade products

    They are much more expensive than those sold en masse at stalls, but well worth the price. Handicrafts are a sensational idea for a souvenir of a foreign holiday, because on the one hand you gain something really aesthetic and unique, and on the other hand you support local artists, who especially in these poorer countries are in a very difficult financial situation.

    Precious metals, jewellery

    Of course, not everyone can afford to buy such precious souvenirs, while it is worth pointing out that in many countries jewellery and precious metals retail much cheaper. It can therefore be a souvenir that has the characteristics of an… investment. It would be a particularly good idea to bring back jewellery made by local artists, which you can wear every day and reminisce about successful holidays while at work, at business meetings or standing in traffic in a snow-covered city.

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