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Electric fireplace – what are the advantages?

    Many of us dream of having a fireplace at home. And while this is not a major problem for owners of detached houses, such an option is usually not an option in a block of flats. Fortunately, there is an interesting alternative – the electric fireplace. Interest in such fireplaces is growing year on year, so it is worth discussing their main advantages. You will find the details in our guide.

    Very easy installation

    Installing an electric fireplace is no more complicated than connecting a new TV. We just need to find a suitable place for it where we have access to an electrical socket (fireplaces require a regular 230V power supply). Depending on the model, the fireplace can be placed on the floor or attached to the wall at any height.

    No additional installation required

    The great advantage of electric fireplaces is that no additional ventilation system or fresh air supply from outside is required for them. Therefore, an electric fireplace can be installed in practically any room, even in the bathroom or bedroom, which is not possible with a traditional fireplace insert or pellet cooker.

    Gives pleasant warmth

    Contrary to popular belief, electric fireplaces are not just “dummies”, but can really provide an additional source of heat in a room. Of course, no one will use an electric fireplace to keep themselves warm all the time due to high electricity prices, but if you want to spend a pleasant evening in front of the TV, you can switch on the fireplace and raise the temperature in the living room, for example, in no time.

    Creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room

    Although it is obvious to the naked eye that the fireplace “flame” is generated artificially, it is an alternative to a live flame when, for technical reasons, it is not possible to install a traditional fireplace insert.

    It is maintenance-free

    Finally, let’s also mention that an electric fireplace requires virtually no maintenance. All you have to do to use it is press a button on the remote control. There is no ash, we don’t clean anything, we don’t buy or grind wood. It’s a very convenient solution.

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