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Boots for your dog? Find out when you should use them

    For many people, the very idea of putting shoes on their dog may seem absurd. However, since such accessories are available on the market, it is worth considering their practical use. It turns out that dog shoes are a very useful part of your pet’s ‘wardrobe’, especially in several life situations. Find out when it’s appropriate to put on the right shoes for your dog.

    In winter

    The most obvious situation in which you should put special shoes on your dog is during a winter walk. And this is not at all about protection from the cold, but from the sharp ice and, above all, the salt spilled on the pavements. Salt particles can get into the areas of the dog’s paws, causing irritation and even very painful wounds.

    When walking around town

    At any time of the year, dog shoes can be very useful when you are planning a walk in a city space. Why? Because you can never rule out the possibility of your pet stepping on broken glass, even a speck of it. This raises the risk of injury and the introduction of a nasty infection.

    Before a mountain hike

    If you are an avid fan of tr If you are an avid hiking fan and would like your dog to accompany you on a mountain trek, make sure you get the right shoes for your pet. Their purpose is to protect your dog’s feet from the risk of being cut by sharp rocks or protruding roots. In mountain conditions, boots are a must – after all, you also put on the right footwear before you go out on the trail.

    In the forest

    This may come as a surprise to many owners, but indeed dog shoes can be very useful when walking in the woods. In such conditions, the dog is at risk of cutting itself on a sharp branch, root or stone. While boots may not be compulsory, it is worth considering getting them if you regularly take your pet for long walks in the woods where it is let loose.

    Dog booties are also ideal if your pet has an injured paw and you need to protect it from getting dirty and getting an infection.

    As an aside, it is also worth mentioning special anti-slip socks for dogs, which are great for the home – especially if the floor is finished with slippery tiles or expensive parquet, which you want to protect from dog claws.

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